Nonfood At The Bonaventure

Oct 20 – Dec 31, 2019
Atrium, Bonaventure Hotel

Nonfood – Sean Raspet, Lucy Chinen, Dennis Oliver Schroer

Flyer Final 5

For Atrium’s second drop we present Nonfood (a food company co-founded by Sean Raspet, Lucy Chinen and Dennis Oliver Schroer) at The Bonaventure Galleria stocked at The French Kitchen Mart

To celebrate the arrival of the fourth prototype of the algae-based nutrition bar, Atrium has arranged for the bar to be available for purchase at the bodega while supplies last.

The French Kitchen Mart is a large corner store with a classic selection of drinks, snacks and an in-store souvenir shop that features clothes, kitchen ware and grocery items dating back to the hotel’s heyday.

Atrium is introducing the Nonbar to The Bonaventure in an effort to update their product offering to match the aspirational architecture. The Nonbar is a future facing food product meant for the modern consumer with a focus on healthy nutrition, truly sustainable production and design.

Please join us Sunday Oct 20th at the Bonaventure for the launch of Nonbar in Los Angeles.
There will be tastings and a limited amount of bars available for purchase.


Atrium is a new curatorial project inside The Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown LA. Through a series of site-specific interventions, Atrium takes over the neo-futuristic space in the forgotten zones between public and private. By bringing art into the context of The Bonaventure we highlight its iconic architecture and reframe its history as a meeting place with multiple functionalities.

This conceptual project is a collaborative effort where each drop will focus on different mediums and methods of distribution. There will be no white cube documentation but instead an involved mode of realizing each project on its own terms. Using the curved concrete architecture as motif and setting Atrium will re-energize The Bonaventure and bring a new purpose into the forefront.

Nonfood is a food company co-founded by Sean Raspet, Lucy Chinen and Dennis Oliver Schroer. Nonfood makes food from algae because it grows quickly, uses less resources than any crop on earth and removes CO2 from the atmosphere. The Nonbar is the first nutrition bar with algae as its primary ingredient. Prototype four contains 31% algae and aquatic plants (spirulina, chlorella, and lemna ) with 7 grams of clean and complete protein. The Nonbar provides the essential micro and macronutrients of a light meal that is high in fiber and low-sugar. Packed with antioxidants, vitamin A, calcium and a highly absorbable source of iron, it’s the perfect on-the-go or in-between meal.

·       100% plant-based protein
·       low carb & 0 grams sugar
·       27% of daily iron
·       delicious & sustainable

Nonfood is a participant in CURRENT.LA with ALGAE BIOREACTOR 1 at The Orcutt Ranch Horticultural Center.

Atrium launched in January 2019 with the Los Angeles premiere of the video platform DIS.ART at The Bonaventure’s Galleria. Presenting a screening of 10,000 Words, a collaboration between DIS and Semiotext(e) directed by Ada O’Higgins.

Atrium is curated by Anna Frost and creative directed by Jordan Richman.