Formation Center

TOVES, Copenhagen
June 5 – 27

Brace Brace, Sanke of Norway, Visualize / Actualize

Formation Center works with artists whose practice oscillates between art and commerce.
Displays by Sanke of Norway, Visualize / Actualize and Brace Brace that for the opening event June 5 were activated by product presentations followed by a shark tank styled Q&A chaired by independent curator and writer Agatha Wara, artist Christopher Kuledran Thomas and researcher and consultant Morgan Sutherland.

SANKE is a high end luxury brand offering health products based on revolutionary principles. SANKE is founded by Olso based artist Andreas Ervik.

 Visualize -> Actualize is a lifestyle brand and manifesto that’s firmly rooted in the belief that “just do-ing it” just doesn’t quite cut it.
Visualize / Actualize is founded by Canadian artist Shaun Motsi.

Brace Brace is a luxury emergency equipment brand, established to create the most beautiful safety gear in the world. It began as the artistic collaboration between Annika Kuhlmann and Christopher Kulendran Thomas and now continues as an expanding inquiry into how the aesthetics of fear might be redirected.