Choreography For Crane

The 9th Berlin Biennale
September 2016

Performance by Lindsay Lawson featuring Erika Eiffel and Trevor Lee Larson
Produced for The Blue Star Tour Boat at the 9th Berlin Biennale


The Berlin skyline is populated with tower cranes that stand dormant in the night. Lindsay Lawson’s new performance Choreography for Crane will transform the construction site at Humboldt Forum into a set for an intimate dance where Erika Eiffel will conduct the crane’s movements, accompanied by a musical score by Trevor Lee Larson.

 For Eiffel, the cranes have their own lived experience. She connects with them through her work as a crane operator and as objectum sexual, which is a person who has intimate, romantic, and spiritual relationships with objects. One of her object-loves is the network of tower cranes she operates. In Choreography for Crane, the movement composition is based on the crane’s movement capabilities accentuated by music and light.

Choreography for Crane is a work by Berlin-based artist Lindsay Lawson performed by crane operator Erika Eiffel with artist/musician Trevor Lee Larson and is produced by Anna Frost.

The boat ride will feature a live performance of Larson’s musical score and provide a close view of the Humboldt Forum site. Choreography for Crane is also viewable from land while the accompanying music is accessible via live stream on Berlin Community Radio from 8.30 pm.


Following the performance KW Insitute for Contemporary Art hosted the talk and screening event Things In Themselves featuring a conversation between Lindsay Lawson and Erika Eiffel and a screening of Lars Laumann’s film Berlinmuren originally commisioned for the 5th Berlin Biennale in 2008.