Import Projects, Berlin
June 25 – July 11

Showcase of TOVES Annual Report 2014 with Uffe Isolotto

Organized with Elena Gilbert & Import Projects

Sweat equity, warped documentation and corporate business models are annexing project space networks, calling for digest and updated perspectives. What defines an artist-run initiative or project space? Is there a right way to answer this, or is it the wrong question altogether? How do we give an account of what we do? And who are we?

TOVES presents its first annual report. Exploring the function of professional documentation and indexing as measurement of production, this re-presentation of their recent activities combines statistics, graphic and narrative exotica, as well as sculpture in a multimedia confection.

Part stage set activated by talks and performance, an oversize three-dimensional infographic is one half of a pedagogical remix. The second part of TOVES Annual Report 2014 is a commissioned graphic artwork by Copenhagen based artist Uffe Isolotto. Employing visual material from TOVES’ archive, this product shines a light on the mechanisms that ‘control and complicate’ independent creative initiatives. No merely transparent account, it does so by invoking the strange overlap of two historical personalities: Linda Lovelace (a celebrated/tragic porn actress) and Ada Lovelace (the first computer programmer). Bridging time and space, fact and speculation, LOVELACE explores the sovereignty of the professional image and the (corporate) body.

Watch the statistics in a video here.

Program for LOVELACE

June 25
Conversation ‘Professionalisation’ with Honza Hoeck (TOVES), Christopher Kline (Kinderhook & Caracas), Nadim Samman (Import Projects) and Eva Wilson (Centre for Advanced Studies).

July 3
Performance by Alex Turgeon titled SOME FAGGOT POEMS

 Interactive reading by Lindsay Lawson from the script to her up-coming feature film The Smiling Rock
– a quasi-narrative constructed around a woman who falls in love with a rock listed on eBay.

Reading by Jenna Sutela from Noise Tribe Speaking-Out-of-Control, exploring language as a virus and encryption as poetry.