My Shed Shaped Heart

Hotel Art Pavilion, Brooklyn, NY
Marcel Alcala, Jordan Barse, Joel Dean, Harry Gould Harvey IV, Victoria Haynes, Bradford Kessler, Irina Jasnowski Pascual, Emma Pryde, Stefan Schwarzman, Alex Turgeon and Hanna Umin

July 6 – August 1, 2019

A strange little bird visited our garden the other day.
We (the xyl and me) would like to identify it.
So far I’ve discounted canary, yellow wagtail, green finch and golden oriole.
The closest I can find is a saffron finch but the face and wing tips are the wrong colour.
This bird is the size of a chaffinch, has yellow plumage with white wing tips and a white tail with black streaks, orange beak and pale cheek patches.                                                                          

– nev young (from uk.rec.sheds, 2019)

My Shed Shaped Heart turnt a pre-fab tool shed-cum-gallery back into a tool shed. In sticky summer heat, idle hands carved a space for you and me. Mushy berries under your feet. Gooey gluey sawdust secrets. Baby barn.

heart no space _MG_7761 edited