From Dallas to Baum Bridge

From Dallas to Baum Bridge is a series of solo presentations along the LA River.

First edition opened September 5. The second edition opens September 19.
The majority of the pieces are on view through the month.

Look for the pink ribbon tied around the river rail to locate works.

Directory below:

Ann Hirsch, Audio Piece, 12m51s

Map 1:6 Dallas St

Rollin Leonard

Map 2:6 Marsh Park

Brendan Lynch, D2
Marcel Alcalá, B1
Jacinto Astiazarán, C1 (temporal work)
Nichole Fitch, E2
Sessa Englund, E2 (temporal installation)

Map 3:6 Fletcher Dr.

John Garcia, E2
John Garcia, E2
Marcel Alcalá, F3

Map 4:6 Interstate 5

Map 5:6 Hyperion

Adam Alessi,
Ben Noam,
Brendan Lynch,
Chris Lux, C1 (on Sunnynook Bridge)
Coco Campbell, E4
Fox Maxy C1, Screening at dusk
Hayden Dunham
Hanna Umin, D3
Jasmine Marin, D3
John Garcia, C2
John Garcia, D2
John Garcia, D3
Jonas Wendelin E3 (temporal work)
Naomi Fisher, D2

Natasha Romano, D2
Negashi Armada,
Nic Seago Burrier, C1, Screening at dusk
Nichole Fitch,
Pedro Verdin,
Retro 1999,
Sterling Wells, 1C (Plein air painting)
Sparkly 22 Miracles, C2: Performance at 6.30pm

Map 6:6 Baum Bridge